Folsom's Rainbow Bridge

Folsom's Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge crossing the American River in Folsom, CA

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Old Folsom Is My Hood

Hello and welcome back to Local Fruit. Today’s blog is not about construction, but a short commentary about life in old town Folsom.

We have enjoyed old Folsom for over twenty years, and we especially appreciate the unique character that is found in an area as richly diverse as old town. There are interesting and charming residential areas that are home to some of the most appealing sites in the city, and of course there is the commercial historic district that is fertile for people watching. Since the renovation of the historic district there is a renewed vitality in the commercial district and more interest from tourists and regional residents alike.

Scott St. & Sutter St.

For the past year, while living on the outskirts of the historic district during construction of our home, we have frequently walked to the job site or to Sutter Street for dinner, a cold beer, or just to enjoy the sites in the neighborhood. We have probably passed this beautiful home on foot maybe a hundred times, and many more while driving.
Lucky Dragon

Of course the home has been under renovation for years; the grounds are gorgeous and this painted lady is one of Folsom’s finest monuments to a rich past. But look closely and you will see a dragon! And four-leaf clover! It is much fun to see creative renovation at work.

On our wanderings through the older residential areas we have seen TV antenna in trees, totem poles carved as bears wearing bikinis, wonderful arbors and incredibly gnarly fine but massive old oak trees. The alleys have as much to offer, and some alleys have wonderful homes and gardens tucked quietly off the main streets. We have yet to take a walk in the hood and not be greeted by young and old- when I smile there is almost always a smile returned and often a few kind words. There are neighborhood animals that are friendly, like “Senator” the older black lab who greets with sloppy kiss in hopes of a scratch on the head. There are animals to watch, like the lone coyote that we observed for ten minutes at Coloma and Mormon St., loping and resting on the grass. He did not seem a threat but it is unnerving to see a predator openly strolling in the neighborhood.

Over the past twenty-four years we have witnessed a renewal in the old area, and many once shabby homes are now charming and well tended. I believe that the turn around was inevitable due to the progress brought by two main influences: the growth of the suburbs sprawling in the newer developments and the arrival of light rail transit. With the attractions of the river, bike paths, the Sutter Street commercial area and the influx of restaurants, more tourists discovering Historic Folsom. But stroll a few blocks away and there are homes dating back to the late 1800’s to the 1940’s with wonderful charming porches, gardens and arbors.

A horse or ox shoe circa 1850 from Bridge St.
We love the old town, and the people who live and work here. There is character in the old town, and we are eager to finish our home so we can enjoy the hood more than before.

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