Folsom's Rainbow Bridge

Folsom's Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge crossing the American River in Folsom, CA

Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Foundation in Old Folsom

Hello and welcome back to Local Fruit!

The foundation was poured this week which is a huge milestone for our construction project. The foundation was framed over the course of a few days, the inspection was on Wednesday and on Thursday the pumper truck arrived to pour endless amounts of concrete into the extra deep framing trenches. The first cement mixer truck-the whole load-went into one garage foundation wall that was about six feet tall! Today, Friday, the garage floor was poured and trowled until smooth. It has been fascinating to watch the progress.

Yesterday started with the big burly concrete contractors greeting us with smiles. Dan, the man controlling the pumper truck, thanked us for building a house that put his crew to work. Umberto, the supervisor, also thanked us for creating work for his men. It was clear that the ten men working on our site during the pour were professional, friendly, and serious about their work. The youngest-looking guy told me he had fourteen years of experience. I was glad to be able to watch them work, and to see the pride they take in their work.
Although we planned to build this energy efficient home in the Historic District of Folsom before the recession, we felt committed enough to the project to continue even in times of economic uncertainty. The sincerity of the gratitude expressed by the work crew was both deeply touching and rewarding. With our wonderful contractor, Gai Kirkegaard, this home is off to a solid start!