Folsom's Rainbow Bridge

Folsom's Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge crossing the American River in Folsom, CA

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Drywall, stairs and figs

Installing sheetrock over foam insulation
Hello and welcome to Local Fruit in Folsom, Ca. This is a quick blog entry to show construction progress for this week. After insulation was installed last week, and inspected, the drywall was installed this week. The next step is to tape and texture the walls. The texture will take a few days to install because is it done by hand, and should take a few days to dry.  Thankfully the weather conditions are ideal for texturing and drying.

The construction schedule is really picking up pace and things will come together quickly now.

    Apartment kitchen
    This week Walls, stairs to garage
  • Next week tape, top, texture the walls
  • 2 weeks out install trim
  • 3 weeks out paint 
  • 4 weeks out install cabinets

Wow. Now that the walls are built the rooms have taken on a completely different look and feel than when the walls were just studs. There are still many decisions to make in a very short period of time, including colors. Choosing colors has always been a challenge for me and may cause more than a little stress. there are sample colors on the exterior but narrowing down the options from the top three to the perfect color can take a long time in our house.

Looking down at the fig tree and across to the sunny front yard
We walked to the house tonight. It was a pleasant summer evening and as we neared the house we noticed that the stair stringers had finally been installed to allow the sheetrock workers to access the apartment. This picture shows the fig tree and main house from the landing. Someday soon we will be able to pick figs from the landing!

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